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Keystone Worms is committed to sustainable soil enrichment, by harnessing the natural magic of worms to rejuvenate the soil.

At the core of Keystone, we strive to leave the planet's soil in better condition than we found it.

  • Vibrant_growth_picnic

    Vibrant Growth

    Promote plant health and yield.

  • Lady_gardener

    Soil Restoration

    Revitalize your soil naturally.

  • Family_gardening_time

    Water Retention

    Enhance your soil's moisture.


Our Process

The transformation of waste to gold.

  • Waste Collection

    We collect organic waste ranging from table scraps to paper products and fallen leaves.

  • Worm Feeding

    We balance and distribute the waste to optimize our worm's health and production.

  • Casting Harvest

    As the worms produce castings, they are collected, shifted and sent to be checked and packed.

  • Quality Check

    Before they are packaged and shipped, every batch is given a thorough quality check.

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