After a lifetime infatuated by plants, soil, and all things gardening; Tammy set out in the booming cannabis industry 4 years ago as a niche grow, Keystone Farms.

Battling the heavy and inconsistent regulations, changing test requirements and corporatization of the industry; Tammy saw herself needing to shift. As an organic cultivation company, the use of worm castings proved to be a great area to explore. 

Unlike cannabis, producing worm castings has a much wider reach, not only being far more affordable but also having the ability to revolutionize the soil and change the agricultural world.

Most fertilizer is comprised of heavy chemicals that are harmful to the soil life and can harm people and wildlife, as well as leaving the soil syphoned of its nutrients.

With living soil (worms and castings) soil is transformed into being a perpetually filtered, nutrient machine. Worms clean up the soil and waste in soil, then their castings are packed full of nutrients that plants need to thrive.

At Keystone Farms, we know that having a thriving soil-bed leads to having thriving plant life. We specialize in worms for composting and bait, as well as their castings.

We also offer worm casting tea bags for brewing your own nutrient and microbial rich fertilizer tea. Our goal at Keystone Farms is to help you improve and maintain your soil for its lifetime. 

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